Dear Parents, Students, & Teachers of all grades (1-11),

We are excited to announce that our Religious EducaSon Program begins on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 6:00pm at St. John Bosco Church. 

We will begin with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All Religious Education Teachers will be commissioned at that time.

Parents, please know that we acknowledge that you are the main teachers of your child’s Catholic faith.

We are here to assist with prayer and support you in their knowledge and spiritual formation.

The calendar will follow the same schedule as Calcasieu Parish schools. Dates for meetings & retreats, and special events for sacramental preparation will be scheduled and announced as the year progresses.

Please register your child for which ever grade they are in school. Registration fees remain $25/child, maximum of $50/family. As usual please do not let financial reasons stop you from registering.

We thank God for all of you and the Knights of Columbus for allowing us to use the KC Hall.  And our teachers who so generously give their yes in volunteering to share their faith and time with the students of St. John Bosco. 

Wednesdays   Church KC Hall
 Sessions 1 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm 1st & 2nd Grade 3rd & 4th Grade
 Session 2 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm 5th and 6th Grade

7th &  8th Grade

 Session 3 6:00 PM TO 7:30 pm   9th, 10th, & 11th Grade




Contact Information

Parent / Guardian Policy Agreement


Our children’s safety and security is of primary importance. Children should be supervised at all times, therefore they should arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before their class time and will gather in Dolan Hall. They should be picked up within 15 minutes after their class time. All students Kindergarten-5th Grade must be dropped off and picked up at covered awning between the church and Dolan Hall. The children will not be allowed to walk to/from circle drive in front of the church or to/from the parking lot on the south side of the church without an escort.


Each grade’s curriculum requires a minimum of 24 classroom hours in additional to liturgical activities. Therefore, it is recommended that students attend regularly.

Students will be given make-up work after 3rd absence during sacramental years, 2nd & 11th grades.


All students must show respect in their words and actions towards adults, peers and property. No disrupting the teaching process, bullying, gossiping or destructive behavior. If there is a problem, he/she will be sent to the PREP office. For repeated offenses, the Parent/Guardian will be asked to discuss appropriate action, which may include having the Parent/Guardian attend class with the student or having student homeschooled.


Students are not permitted to use cell phones during class unless it is included in the teaching activity. Teachers may collect phones during class time.


Photos and videos may be taken of students during faith formation activities and shared with our community via church website and other church forums.


The Diocese of Lake Charles mandates criminal background checks and annual Safe Environment certification for ALL ADULTS supervising minors. Students are taught the SAFE & SACRED CHILDREN’S LEARING PROGRAM each year the basic vocabulary and understanding of what it means to guard one’s own well being and those around them. They are taught to recognize abuse in all its forms, and how to report it. While this program is not intended to intrude on personal modesty boundaries, sometimes the subject matter brings forth sincere questions from the students. Parents will be given a copy of discussion materials to continue the conversation with your student.

If you would like your child to be exempt from the program, please ask for an “Opt out Form.”


Our classes go into the church regularly and should be dressed appropriately. No oversize tank tops, low cut, spaghetti straps or midriff revealing shirts. No indecent language or images on clothing. Shorts should be the same length as required by Calcasieu Parish School Board – no shorter than 3” above the knee. No yoga pants or leggings unless worn under a skirt or dress. Additional dress code information will be given for retreats and other activities.



Contact Us

Office: (337) 564-3873
Fax: (337) 419-3578
PREP (Parish Religious
Education Program) (337) 564-3873
Religious Education Office


Physical Address:

1301 Sampson Street
Westlake, LA 70669


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