Altar Servers

For boys & girls, ages ten and over, to serve no more than twice a month (unless otherwise agreed upon). Call Deacon Fred Reed at 337-529-8285.


Eucharistic Adoration

Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm, in the Adoration Chapel (room at west end of the church). The specific way that Jesus asks us to love Him in return is to spend one quiet hour with Him each week in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. "Could you not spend one hour with Me?" Mt. 6:21;26:40 Call Judy Reed at 337-439-6585 / 337-436-9053.



A ministry that members meet to discuss ways to reach parishoners who are in need of spiritual growth, those who have fallen away from the Church, and to welcome newcomers into the Parish, and more. Call Earline DeVille at 337-527-7976.


Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist

How does one become a minister? A training and commissioning is provided by the Diocese or the local pastor for a three year period. We hold in our hands the precious Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we share this gift with others. Call Deacon Reed at 337-529-8285.


Extraordinary Minister of the Sick

Trainng as shown above. Call Deacon Garrett Caraway at 337-433-7934 to help minister to the homebound and/or sick.


Funeral Ministry

For funerals held at St. John Bosco Church, we provide Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist Gift Bearers, Lectors, Musicians, and Pall Bearers. Call Judy Reed at 337-439-6585 to volunteer.


Lector (Proclaimer of the Word)

Lectors share in the tradition of proclaiming the Word to the Community at the Mass Celebrations on the weekend (usually once a month), and/or at daily Mass. There is a short training. Call Deacon Reed at 337-529-8285.



Committee meets regularly to discuss ideas and church decor for the Church Seasons such as Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter Triduum, etc. Call Deacon Reed at 337-529-8285.


Music Ministry

This ministry reaches deep into the human heart with voices that praise God in song. The Assembly is brought to its feet with the sound of the first note - ready to praise God. Music is sung at each Mass. Call 337-433-2467.


Nursing Home Ministry

(High Hope Nursing Home in sulphur, LA) This Ministry is for Wednesdays of each week. It may be a Communion Service or Mass, and sometimes a Rosary prayed before the Mass. Call Earline DeVille at 337-527-7976 or the office.



Holy Hour each First Saturday of the month for Pro-Life, at 7am, followed by Mass. Also, Rosary at the KC Hall every third Wednesday of the month to pray for Pro-Life, Vocations, and World Peace. Call Deacon Garrett Caraway at 337-433-7934.


RCIA (Rite of Christian Inltiation)

This ministry is for formation of adults, to instruct those interested in becoming Catholic, learning about the Catholic Faith, a deeper knowledge of the faith, and in need of a sacrament. It is a faith journey that begins with formed relationships with one another and their catechist (teacher). Call Deacon Reed at 337-529-8285.


PREP (Parish Religious Education Program)

The religion classes are from Kindergarten through 11 th grade, held each week from September until Holy Week. Teachers and helpers are volunteers who meet periodically to be refreshed in knowledge and spirituality. Call Barbara Hogan or Judy Reed to volunteer.


Rosary Group

This group of women meet on Fridays mornings at different homes. They begin with fellowship, coffee and pastry, then continue on with prayer: petitions and Rosary. This group also maintains one of the Prayer Lines in the parish. Call Alice Hooper at 337-436-1623.



These men are greeters at the doors of the church, pick up collections, help parishioners to be seated, and hand out bulletins after Mass. Call Wilridge Doucet at 337-436-3184.



This is a ministry of fellowship for parishioners who are fifty (50) years old and older. They enjoy a covered-dish supper on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, and donate money to a needy family at Christmas. Call Mary Verrette at 337-433-8155.


SJB Youth Group

This group of young parishioners, high school students, meet periodically with the Youth Director, and his volunteer staff, for spiritual renewals, fun projects, and fund-raising projects. They do volunteer help around the church and help those who are in need of physical help (such as cleaning yards, etc.) Anyone interested in joining or helping, please call the church office for more information. Contact Kayla Crittenden at 337-513-6249.


Parish Organizations


Ladies Altar Society

Buys and maintains Altar and Sanctuary items: candles, candleholders, vessels, vestments, linen, baptismal garments, etc. The ladies help with social functions, provides meals for funerals within the parish, sponsors ·Days of Recollection- each year, hosts the ·Country Kitchen- booth at the annual Festival, and much more. The Society meets on the third Tuesdays of the month. President is JoAnn Racca - 337-439-8519.


Catholic Daughters Court 2388

CDA is the largest organization of Catholic women. With the Blessed Mother as the model, they are called to be unified in faith in Jesus and to be commited to the Church and the Holy See. Purpose of the CDA: to participate in religious, charitable and creative spiritual programs which provide members an opportunity to develop their Godgiven talents in a meaningful way to influence others. The women meet on the second Mondays of the month. Catholic Daughters of America


The Knights of Peter Claver and Ladles Auxiliary

Objective: to be a staunch supporter to the local pastor of the parish and to the bishop of the diocese, to participate collectively in various parish and community activities, to promote Civic improvements, to encourage Lay Apostolate and Catholic action, to make contributions to worthwhile causes, to award scholarships, to develop youth, to foster recreational assemblies and facilities, to provide social and intellectual fellowship for its members as well as proper guidance and participation in the everchanging structure of our social arid economic life. To become a member, one must only be a practicing Catholic. Grand Knight Ray Cline 337-439-2242 and Grand Lady Iris Cline 337-439-2242.


Junior Knights and Junior Daughters of Peter Claver

The membership of the Junior Knights and Junior Daughters is comprised of Catholic youth between the ages of 7 and 18. The organization Is national in scope. The program is of wide range and strives to meet the Interests and needs of membership: Spiritual, Social, Physical, and Civic-Cultural. Call Raymond Cline at 337- 439-2242 or Barbara Payne for more Information.


Knights of Columbus 5755

The Knights of Columbus Is a fraternal order of Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, that was formed to give aid to members and their famillies. Mutual aid is given for the sick, disabled and needy members and families. Membership is international with more than 1.7 million members in over 12,000 councils. Knights are from all walks of life. At SJB, the Knights include your priest, deacons, Eucharistic Ministers, lectors, ushers, and CCD teachers. They donate money and time to the Church and community through numerous projects. They support the Pro-Life effort and promote vocations to the religious life. The cornerstone of the work of the Knights is allegiance to the Catholic Church and its mission. John Jackson is Grand Knight 337-244-4668.


LaSalette Kaycee Auxiliary

This Council was organized in 1974, to assist the Knights of Columbus, to promote good fellowship through spiritual and social activities, to participate in projects of Kaycee Councils of Auxiliaries of LA, Inc. Their accomplishments are: financial assistance to the Council's religious activities, family Masses and Corporate Communions, aid to Missions and local Church, helps with parish socials, financial assistance to SJB CCD program, assistance to Women's Shelter, New Life Counseling, etc. Membership: females 18 years old and over, related by blood or law to a Knight in good standing with his Council. (He must sponsor you.) There are dues to pay each year. The Auxiliary earns most of their money working at Bingos. President Is Billie LeBlanc - 337-436-4542.

Why Catholic?

The word "Catholic" is derived from a Greek word, Katholikos, originally meaning universal. In the early days of the Church, many Roman citizens referred to this new upstart religion that followed the "Ways" of Jesus Christ as being Catholic--it was universal throughout the empire--meaning that members of this new religion could be found almost anywhere throughout the empire. As time went on, this particular word began to be recognized and used in describing this new religion. Among members, of course, the word had a much more significant and broader meaning than just geographical consideration. It was understood also to describe the very nature of the Church, in that it was universally for everyone. There was no exclusion according to nationality, race, economic or social status. It is for all the people of God. The word "Catholic" was and is also applied to the teaching and the faith of the Church and , in this sense, it means what is believed by the whole Church. It is universally united in its worship, in what it teaches. There are no divisions or branches within its membership. And finally, the word "Catholic"has also come to be used to describe individual Christians who profess belief in the Church's universal teachings and practices. "Credit - Lake Charles Diocese"

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